An Hour for Israel and the Church: The Favor of God, Outpoured

June 2003 

Submitted by Mrs. Liz Cassutto


It’s amazing how the Lord using the circumstances and needs in our own lives, to teach us a larger lesson, about how He works in His Kingdom. For the last several months, Ben and I have needed God’s grace and favor in an unprecedented way. You know how it is: the Lord leads us out into deeper waters (of faith and moving in Him), and we will sink if we don’t walk toward Him. Water-walking faith can be sheer terror, yet exhilarating at the same time. We know we want more of God, and His perfect will for us, but it requires a constant challenge to our senses (reason) to live by faith. I (naively) thought (as a young Christian years ago), that the longer we walked with the Lord, the “easier” it would get. You know, like driving a car, when you’ve done it for 25 years. You think you know all there is to driving a car. Not so with faith. The LORD drives the chariot in this race, and He has some sudden stops, quick turns, and eases up on the brakes when you least expect it. Ben and I can honestly say we have moved (by faith) into some decisions and challenges we would never have dreamed (years ago); yet; we have sensed God’s favor like never before. God granted us His favor cause we’d be dead in the water, without it. It’s that simple.  [Gen: 6:8, Ex. 33:12] The dictionary has a wonderful definition of favor, yet the bible makes it clear it is God’s ‘unmerited grace’. In other words, we could never do anything to deserve it or earn it. Like grace, ‘favor’ is God’s goodness toward us simply because He loves, us, and we trust Him. It’s that simple. What is not simple is the Hour in which we live. We all know we are in the End-Times. How ‘long’ the End-Times will be ending, only “The Father in Heaven knows”, said Jesus to His disciples. This we do know: only God’s favor will bring ‘a very present help in times of trouble’. Only favor will turn the ‘heart of the King; toward His servant. Only favor “will rebuke the devourer for His name sake”. Only favor “will give a good report, and whose report will you believe”. 


I am learning we constantly have to swallow our pride (the flesh) and ask for mercy and grace and favor on a continual basis, if we are to inherit the Lord’s promises for His children. When I was young, I foolishly thought “I can do it myself”, Lord. Almost like a 2 year-old trying to tie his shoes (they don’t do a very good job at tying their shoes). When God would try to help me, I said “Lord, thanks, but I’ll do it my way”. There is not room enough here to describe the hard lessons and price I paid for ‘doing it my way’ time and time again. Now, as I am getting older, ‘Wisdom cries out in the streets’ (Proverbs), and finally, I learned to listen to her!  GOD WANTS TO HELP HIS PEOPLE: all the time, all the way, and in every situation in life. I have learned NOT to be so independent, but utterly dependant on God! And no one is happier than Our Lord when we learn that lesson.


On a personal note, let me show you how FAVOR worked in my behalf recently, only because of the grace and mercy of God toward me. [1 Samuel 2:26, 2 Sam 2:6] About a month ago, 2 different friends from back in Baltimore area called to say “Liz, God has you on my heart recently, and I am interceding for your health. You are under attack”. Now, they had no idea I had been going to doctors and ER visits trying to figure out what was going haywire in my body. Nobody knew it except God, Ben and a few others from church. So, when 2 different friends call me within a few days apart and say “God has me praying for your health, and He has me rebuking tumors and diseases”, I knew God was doing something. You see, I hadn’t had any confirmed diagnoses of such maladies, I was going for tests, but no test results were back in yet. I just knew something wasn’t right.


Yesterday, I went to my see my doctor to get my test results of last month back. Other than ‘making the time for exercise and some other practical advice I already know”, my blood work and ultrasounds of internal organs were all normal! Praise God. Now even the doctor felt something suspicious 7 weeks ago when she examined me: I had a lot of pain and she sent me for tests of my female organs. But now, the tests are all normal! There is no doubt this is the favor of God! God healed me before any disease could even take root! No tumors! No abnormalities. Blood work all ok! I know that God wants nothing more than to pour out His unmerited favor on everyone who will walk through the favor-seat (Jesus’ blood of the cross), and will give Him the glory. God is no respecter of persons. What He does for one, He will do for another. In this hour, when Israel and the Church will be tested like never before, we can’t afford to be without the favor and grace of God. The price has been paid in full for everything we will ever need in this life. See, when I had my medical tests, what was going through my spirit the whole time is: I have so much in me yet to do for the Kingdom. We know what God has spoken to our hearts, each one of us. We should know what our gifts and callings are (Ephesians) in the Church. I was not about to let the enemy take me out, without a fight to the end. We have to fight like a saber-tooth tiger against the enemy who wants to rob the favor and grace from us, and he (enemy) will try to do it every time. There is a secret weapon to obtaining favor:


To sum it all up, to walk and experience a continual flow of mercy, grace, and favor in our lives, we need to GIVE GOD ALL THE GLORY.  BE GRATEFUL. DO EVERYTHING HE TELLS YOU TO DO. Have faith He will do it. That’s it. If the enemy can get you to doubt, He can circumvent your vision. And without your vision, you will perish.   Seek His grace and His favor like you seek the sun after the rain. You will never be disappointed. PROCLAIM the YEAR of the LORD'S FAVOR  Isaiah 61:2     For more scripture ref., see Luke 1:30, 2:14, 4:19



* Scripture reference taken from NIV. Noted in abbreviated form.


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