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Did you know that there are over 200,000 Holocaust Survivors living in Israel? These people live at or below the poverty line, and many Jewish and Christian organizations are helping them with aid (food, clothing, care packages). Yet the great need is to hear of the truth of salvation, the gospel of Jesus (Yeshua), the Messiah, who longs to bring them into an everlasting inheritance and promise.

It was the deep desire of Dr. Ben Cassutto, (who passed away in October 2012), that 'Lightbeacon Ministries" could be a conduit of hope for these people in Israel, and cin so doing, carry on the mission and vision that his parents began, when they first told their story of Jesus' salvation to them, in 'The Last Jew of Rotterdam'. Just a few months before the Lord took Ben home to heaven, he was in contact with the President of a Publishing House and ministry in Israel, (Jewish-believers), who felt compelled to get the book translated into Hebrew, and published, to be given to Jewish people and ministries and survivors in Israel. (Jewish people will not have to pay for the book in Israel, they are given it as a ministry gift (a witness of the gospel). I have been in contact with the publisher who has already translated much of the book, and they are ready to go ahead with the final editing and printing phase. They (a ministry themselves) have invested their own time and resources into the book, and I am raising about 4 to 5,000 thousand dollars to cover the remaining cost of the printing, 'The Last Jew of Rotterdam' will be printed and published in Hebrew. The book is already in 2 languages; English and Dutch.

If this is something that touches your heart, for a donation of $20.00, I will send you a copy of the book. (the book normally retails for a a few dollars less, but the 20.00 will entirely go into the account to get this published in Hebrew). If you are so inclined, donations can be made via paypal (secure site), or, you can mail a check or money order for 20.00 to: Lightbeacon Ministries & Svcs, P.O. Box 1445, Millsboro, Delaware 19966

Thank you and Shalom! Mrs. Elizabeth Cassutto

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"Faith is courage in slow motion." -- Elizabeth Mickel Cassutto

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Ben and Liz Cassutto, January, 2011

Dr. Ben and Liz Cassutto, January, 2011

Ben and Liz Cassutto of Millsboro, Delaware share a laugh with Books by the Bay proprietor John Atwood during a book signing in Lewes, DE for The Last Jew of Rotterdam, the story of Ben's parents' survival of the  Holocaust. They were Dutch Jews who came to accept Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah because of the love and courage of Christians who risked their own lives to hide them from the Nazis. Ben and Liz at a Delaware book signing.


Elizabeth Mickel-Cassutto founded LightBeacon Ministries in 1996, after she realized that the Church was missing out on understanding its role and relationship to Israel, her Judeo-Christian roots, and role of Israel and the nation in the End Times. In 1997, she attended the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America or MJAA, an international conference of believing Jewish and Christians, held every summer in Pennsylvania. Having just published her prophetic book, Buried Treasure, while attending the events at MJAA, Liz was also a booktable vendor at that conference, in the Messianic Marketplace.

In the meantime, Ben Cassutto was attending his first Messianic Jewish conference. His parents, were Holocaust survivors from Holland who became believers in Yeshua, (the name of Jesus in Hebrew), during World War II. Ben's father, the late Rev. Dr. Ernest H. Cassutto, even took his faith a step further and became a minister and missionary to the Jewish people. In 1974, he published his experiences during the holocaust in an autobiography entitled, The Last Jew of Rotterdam. Over the years, Ben and his siblings have received many requests for the book, but it was out of print. At the conference, the Lord had put it on Ben's heart to update and revise the book. It was there Ben met Liz. He was attracted to her colorful book table, her clear love for the Jewish people, and the book she had written. Ben read the book in one night and knew that this woman was to be his wife. Ben was in the U.S. Army at the time, and he was about to hop on a plane to Okinawa, Japan. In the next few days after he got to the conference,  he got Liz' address, and for eight months they increased the profit margins of long distance carriers. In Febraury of 1998, Ben proposed to Liz while on a vacation, where Liz came to meet him. They were married on June 7, 1998 in Allentown, PA. where Liz was born. During this time, Ben earnestly researched his family experiences during the Holocaust, both in Holland and in the United States. His mother, Elisabeth Rodrigues, was also a Holocaust survivor from Holland. Finally, in September of 2001, The Last Jew of Rotterdam, the revised edition, was published by Purple Pomegranite, a division of Jews for Jesus.

The Last Jew of RotterdamYou can purchase
The Last Jew of Rotterdam on our how to order page. Please check for special pricing .

Buried TreasureBuried Treasure is a book written by Elizabeth Mickel-Cassutto, which is in essence a prophetic devotional, and began as a powerful and life-changing dream she had in 1983 of the Lord’s return. Her book contains powerful quotes and snipets of thoughts that cause the reader to yearn to be ready (Revelation 3:10) for her Lord’s return. It is also available on our partners page.
Ben and Liz, write a newsletter and plan to have other articles, novels and writing collaborations in the works, all with the aim to spread the good news about our soon coming Messiah, and His plans and purposes for these times.  We hope you will visit our links, and learn more about our ministry and others who are involved in Messianic Judaism, sometimes called Hebrew Christianity, or how the Christian Church can share this good news of "Messiah" to the world. Shalom Friend!"

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